984 - KJ6DZB Ppi4 Ketchup

QTH Locator CM87uv
Coordinates 37.878°, -122.298°
Altitude 15 m
Min Horizon
Target Utilization 51 %
Antennas Turnstile (VHF)
Success Rate
76% Complete (success)
24% Complete (danger)
Observations 4462
Creation Date 2 years, 2 months ago
Client version 1.6
Offline Last seen 1 hour, 52 minutes ago
Uptime 662 days, 17:53:22
KJ6DZB Ppi4 Ketchup
Running on a 24v PoE HAT~ (Rpi 4 8gb)--( RTL-sdr V3 )--3v--(LNA for ALL)--(Hartwig 144-149mhz LNA)---(WiMo TA-1 w/ Custom Reflector) at 10m ASL. Relocated to a less Noisy environment. Located on cost line of SF Bay area. Feel free to add observations.