SatNOGS Network

SatNOGS Network is a global management interface to facilitate multiple ground station operations remotely. An observer is able to take advantage of the full network of SatNOGS ground stations around the world. It's part of the SatNOGS project.


The network is open to anyone. Any observer is able to utilize all available Ground Stations and communicate with Satellites. All observations results are public and all data are distributed freely under the Creative Commons Atribution-Share Alike license.

Ground Stations

Whether you own satellite ground station equipment or you want to build one you can head to SatNOGS Project site to get up to date documentation and info on how to build a SatNOGS ground station.


Fluent in Python and/or JS? We need you to help with satnogs-network web application. Take a look to our source code or visit our issues tracker to start filing bugs, feature requests or code fixes for existing ones. Detailed contribution and development documentation is also available at docs.satnogs.org.