1051 - NTSatlinkVHF

QTH Locator EM54ro
Coordinates 34.602°, -88.547°
Altitude 170 m
Min Horizon
Target Utilization 100 %
Antennas VHF V-Dipole
Success Rate
77% Complete (success)
23% Complete (danger)
Observations 949
Creation Date 3 months, 2 weeks ago
Client version 0.9
Offline Last seen 2 months, 2 weeks ago
Uptime 32 days, 20:38:10
Repairs completed; v-dipole rebuilt and station is operating normally with a V-Dipole mounted on a 11' mast. Thin tree cover to the north up to around 90 degrees elevation, increasing in thickness as elevation lowers, and power lines to the south at about 70 degrees. LNA at the antenna and about 110 feet of coax to the rtlsdr. Station is on a hill with an excellent line of sight to the south and west.