858 - SM0TGU - VHF UHF

QTH Locator JO89wk
Coordinates 59.453°, 17.890°
Altitude 5 m
Min Horizon
Antennas Turnstile (VHF) Turnstile (UHF)
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97% Complete (success)
3% Complete (danger)
Observations 3082
Creation Date 12 months ago
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Sollentuna, Stockholm (Sweden). Antenna: VHF Crossed Dipole, UHF V-dipole with reflectors. MRJ-916BN diplexer, LNA MINI-BB 50-2500 MHz from SHF Elektronik, aprox 19 m RFC-400 coax. Satellites best heard over 10 degree elevation with these antennas. Running on RPI3 with RTL-SDR v3. More info at https://www.larsthunberg.se/wordpress/?page_id=2369