834 - Valpo WIRED Lab 1

QTH Locator EN61ll
Coordinates 41.462°, -87.038°
Altitude 240 m
Min Horizon
Target Utilization 100 %
Antennas Cross Yagi (UHF) Cross Yagi (VHF)
Success Rate
80% Complete (success)
20% Complete (danger)
Observations 12216
Creation Date 2 years, 10 months ago
Client version 1.6
Online Last seen 0 minutes ago
Uptime 320 days, 21:36:47
Valpo WIRED Lab 1
VHF 12 dBi cross-yagi M2 2MCP14. UHF 15 dBi cross-yagi M2 436CP30. Yaesu G5500 Az/El rotator with AMSAT LVB Tracker. RTLSDR v3 receiver. Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB. Message twitter @ValpoWIREDlab for obs requests, this station is auto-scheduled but is available for changes for, e.g. ARISS events or to save raw IQ recordings.