479 - ON4API

QTH Locator JO10nw
Coordinates 50.931°, 3.092°
Altitude 22 m
Min Horizon
Target Utilization 50 %
Antennas Turnstile (VHF)
Success Rate
70% Complete (success)
30% Complete (danger)
Observations 7090
Creation Date 2 years, 8 months ago
Client version 1.6
Offline Last seen 11 hours, 5 minutes ago
Uptime 988 days, 6:21:50
Ham radio, most enthousiastic about satellites. Started as ON1CAZ in 1985 and ON4API since 1989. Working on satellite since RS10 beginning 90's. Mostly FM/ SSB QSO's. In the shack I use a Yaesu FT847 and 2M 12 el. X-yagi and on70cm 20 el X-yagi from Maspro. Currently working on my QO-100 groundstation with 1m20 dish, LimeSDRmini and DXpatrol upconverter. This Satnogs system is running on a PI3+, SDR dongle and VHF turnstile antenna. Great project to have a continue monitoring of the sats .