46 - DE8MSH

Owner DE8MSH
QTH Locator JO43kb
Coordinates(lat, lon) 53.056°, 8.892°
Altitude 7 m
Min Horizon
Antennas Dipole (HF, VHF, UHF)
Success Rate
71% Complete (success)
29% Complete (danger)
Observations 1203
Creation Date 4 years, 5 months ago
Client version 0.6.2
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Uptime 117 days, 3:51:35

Testing stuff. So don't panic ;) Could be temporarily down b'cause of testing new setup... Setup: R820T2, RPi2, inline satellite preamp, 137MHz DIY QFH. Since I did two things -- put QFH antenna outside the house in about 6m height and kicked metal shield from USB cable off -- the receiption results of NOAA seems to get better.

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