43 - Grenoble - F4HVX - Rotator : S&L-band/VHF/UHF

QTH Locator JN25tg
Coordinates 45.268°, 5.608°
Altitude 350 m
Min Horizon 30°
Antennas UHF Yagi
Success Rate
97% Complete (success)
3% Complete (danger)
Observations 2863
Creation Date 1 year, 3 months ago
Client version 0.9
Testing Last seen 1 minute ago
Uptime 380 days, 22:59:40
Grenoble - F4HVX - Rotator : S&L-band/VHF/UHF
USRP1 with TVRX Daughterboard and DBSRX Daughterboard+ DIY UHF Yagi OR DIY VHF Yagi OR DIY S-Band Helical + DIY metal rotator ( https://wiki.satnogs.org/Metal_antenna_rotator ) + [Big mountain on west] Currently the change of frequency band is manual and involve mechanic stuff. The antenna currently used are not very high gain because of the space limitation. I'am working to get everything outdoor, but waterproofing everything take time. Frequency may not be very accurate (big temp drifft).

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