34 - Bitjam satellite tracking station

QTH Locator IO82vx
Coordinates 52.997°, -2.195°
Altitude 110 m
Min Horizon 28°
Target Utilization 9 %
Antennas Cross Yagi (VHF)
Success Rate
83% Complete (success)
17% Complete (danger)
Observations 3984
Creation Date 4 years, 6 months ago
Client version 0.9.1
Offline Last seen 1 year, 8 months ago
Uptime 306 days, 2:24:16
Bitjam satellite tracking station
Run by Bitjam ltd as part of Sat tech research and development. VHF and UHF yagi on azimuth rotator. Currently testing out the decoders within the Satnogs system plus using external applications for weather data. Please limit to 1 scheduled pass per day per observer to allow us to experiment with the current set up. https://bitjam.org.uk