34 - 2E0EZT station

QTH Locator IO82vx
Coordinates 52.997°, -2.195°
Altitude 110 m
Min Horizon 28°
Target Utilization 9 %
Antennas VHF Turnstile
Success Rate
93% Complete (success)
7% Complete (danger)
Observations 3237
Creation Date 1 year, 8 months ago
Client version 0.9
Offline Last seen 1 day, 10 hours ago
Uptime 496 days, 2:27:24
2E0EZT station
Simple VHF turnstile antenna at the moment. Plan is to rebuild the UHF/VHF Yagi array and build in pre amplification. Currently testing out the decoders within the Satnogs system plus using external applications for weather data. Please limit to 1 scheduled pass per day per observer to allow me to experiment with my current set up. VHF Turnstile antenna.

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