329 - CU2ZG

QTH Locator HM77fr
Coordinates 37.742°, -25.557°
Altitude 80 m
Min Horizon
Antennas Vertical (VHF) Vertical (UHF)
Success Rate
70% Complete (success)
30% Complete (danger)
Observations 16045
Creation Date 3 years, 7 months ago
Client version 0.9.1
Online Last seen 0 minutes ago
Uptime 350 days, 0:01:21
Raspberry Pi 3B+ using a RTL-SDR Blog v3 SDR dongle connected to Diamond X300 antenna. No LNA for now. Best results are obtained in VHF. Keep in mind this Raspberry is also used on my field activations (very sporadic and mainly during Spring/Summer). When such the station will be taken offline.