25 - N7IPY

QTH Locator CM98is
Coordinates 38.771°, -121.290°
Altitude 50 m
Min Horizon 20°
Antennas Yagi (UHF) Yagi (VHF)
Success Rate
75% Complete (success)
25% Complete (danger)
Observations 1783
Creation Date 4 years, 3 months ago
Offline Last seen 3 years, 5 months ago
Uptime 1296 days, 6:44:48
This Ground Station Operated from a Raspberry Pi-3B and an RTLSDR dongle. The Antennas are both from M2 Antenna Systems; 14 Element RH Pol VHF and 30 Element RH Pol UHF. The Rotor System has an Upgraded G-5500. The property is on a decline and the antenna location is south of the main house, so signals are blocked to 30 degrees to the North. The feed line is 50 Feet of LMR400 Diplexer used to combine the antenna signals.