2050 - Northeast Sat Listening Post / AG1A

QTH Locator FN42go
Coordinates 42.609°, -71.422°
Altitude 60 m
Min Horizon 10°
Antennas Quadrafilar (VHF)
Success Rate
67% Complete (success)
33% Complete (danger)
Observations 468
Creation Date 4 months ago
Client version 1.4
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Northeast Sat Listening Post / AG1A
RasPi_SatNOGS on a 2m homebrew QFH antenna w/mast mounted NooElec LNA/SAW_filter, RPi3B, RTL-SDR. Currently tuning the gain on this new setup. Also at this site is a RasPi Weather Satellite Receiver located in the Northeast; auto-tweeting images decoded from GOES16 @RasPi_WxSat.