1920 - Rural Northern Alberta Canada. VA6RPI

QTH Locator DO34uv
Coordinates 54.890°, -112.299°
Altitude 555 m
Min Horizon
Antennas Lindenblad (VHF) Cross Yagi (VHF, UHF)
Success Rate
94% Complete (success)
6% Complete (danger)
Observations 695
Creation Date 1 month, 1 week ago
Client version 1.4
Online Last seen 0 minutes ago
Uptime 29 days, 21:07:33
Rural Northern Alberta Canada. VA6RPI
The Station Consists of a Pi4 8GB an SDRPlay RSP1A with Yaesu G-5500DC Rotor controlled by DF9GR ERC-M and Alaskan Arrow 2M/70CM Yagi. (Old Antenna was a Lindenblad Antenna using 1/2" Copper Pipe Dipoles.) Built to educate my two teenage boys during the COVID home schooling days. Feel Free to reevaluate our observations as it's a learning curve for us And don't be shy to use and setup observations as we enjoy looking at the results.