1868 - HB9FXX S-Band

QTH Locator JN36hp
Coordinates(lat, lon) 46.640°, 6.636°
Altitude 625 m
Min Horizon 10°
Target Utilization 50 %
Antennas Parabolic (L, S)
Success Rate
57% Complete (success)
43% Complete (danger)
Observations 2604
Creation Date 2 years ago
Client version 1.6
Testing Last seen 0 minutes ago
Uptime 0:00:02

My little s-band station: 4G feed on fixed dish pointing roughly at 300° (WNW) and 30-45° elevation-> VLNA13 -> Coax -> 1.5GHz LPF -> HackRF SDR -> RPi 4 8GB. The HackRF uses a Leo Bodnar GPSDO mini reference. On a first floor balcony with mostly west opening. Not a terrible location but the best I can do living in a flat.

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