1539 - N9CQQ-EN52-Muskego, WI

QTH Locator EN52ww
Coordinates 42.918°, -88.131°
Altitude 300 m
Min Horizon 20°
Target Utilization 15 %
Antennas Cross Yagi (VHF) Cross Yagi (UHF)
Success Rate
86% Complete (success)
14% Complete (danger)
Observations 6423
Creation Date 2 years ago
Client version 1.6
Online Last seen 0 minutes ago
Uptime 177 days, 4:37:35
N9CQQ-EN52-Muskego, WI
Spring has sprung. Station is back up after the winter break and replacing the USB rotor controller. M2 leopack antennas, rtl-sdr, yeasu G5500, Foxdelta USB controller, SSB DBA-270 preamp.