1487 - PH7THL

Owner Dave
QTH Locator JO22ed
Coordinates 52.152°, 4.404°
Altitude 1 m
Min Horizon 15°
Antennas Eggbeater (UHF) Quadrafilar (UHF)
Success Rate
94% Complete (success)
6% Complete (danger)
Observations 2606
Creation Date 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Client version 1.3.1
Offline Last seen 2 days, 11 hours ago
Uptime 46 days, 19:50:29
Temporarily online with rough coax built UHF QFH antenna going through FM Band-Stop filter and Nooelec pre-amp into RTL-SDR v3 and Raspberry Pi4 4GB. Will attempt to upgrade to the 3D printed QFH design from the Wiki by surligas in the next week or two. Also waiting for some connectors and crimp tools to tidy up the cabling and use single plugs instead of lossy chains of adapters. Please feel free to offer any tips/advice if you can help!