1391 - HB9FXX - Experimental - Raspberry Pi Zero 2W

QTH Locator JN36hp
Coordinates(lat, lon) 46.640°, 6.636°
Altitude 625 m
Min Horizon 10°
Antennas Vertical (VHF, UHF)
Observations 1437
Creation Date 2 years, 9 months ago
Client version 1.6
Offline Last seen 7 months, 2 weeks ago
Uptime 771 days, 20:20:15
HB9FXX - Experimental - Raspberry Pi Zero 2W

Station to experiment different things. Now testing a station on a new raspberry pi zero 2w. Originally to test a station in a docker container during holidays. Testing a satnogs-client inside a docker container on my laptop and on my PC. 1.7GHz-2.7GHz LTE antenna -> Nooelec Lana LNA -> HackRF -> PC More infos on running a satnogs-client inside docker: https://gitlab.com/hb9fxx/satnogs-client-ansible/-/tree/docker Feel free to ask for more info or help deploying your dockerized client.

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