1378 - Wolbach Library

QTH Locator FN42kj
Coordinates(lat, lon) 42.382°, -71.128°
Altitude 15 m
Min Horizon 20°
Target Utilization 100 %
Antennas Eggbeater (UHF)
Success Rate
71% Complete (success)
29% Complete (danger)
Observations 23772
Creation Date 2 years, 7 months ago
Client version 1.5
Online Last seen 0 minutes ago
Uptime 0:00:16
Wolbach Library

This is one of five stations participating in the pilot phase of LSTN (Library Space Technology Network), a program to support space exploration in public libraries. More information at: https://lstn.wolba.ch. Kit: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B; Uputronics LNA; RTL-SDR v3; M2 EB-432/RK70cm; MiniCircuits RF Cables, RF Elements StationBox

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