1169 - Dru 303

Owner dru2
QTH Locator DM79mm
Coordinates 39.542°, -104.985°
Altitude 1767 m
Min Horizon 14°
Target Utilization 100 %
Antennas UHF Vertical UHF Ground Plane VHF Ground Plane
Success Rate
96% Complete (success)
4% Complete (danger)
Observations 861
Creation Date 1 week, 4 days ago
Client version 0.9.1
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Uptime 5 days, 21:28:51
Dru 303
303 or Rocky Mountain setup! $28 antenna. By station 751, kc1ist. Nagoya UT-308UV Dualband 144 & 430 MHz antenna over 1.2 square meter mylar space blanket wrapped around thin wood for ground plane --> RTL-SDR v3. I tried RTL-SDR LNA with gain at 12.5 but it does better antenna only with gain maxed at 49.6. Concerned about noise from the pi4 official power supply, esp. at 140 MHz. I keep power supply away and ensure the power supply cord does not run close to the coax or receiver.