1156 - VA2WBT - Montréal, Canada

QTH Locator FN35em
Coordinates(lat, lon) 45.537°, -73.620°
Altitude 70 m
Min Horizon 10°
Antennas Eggbeater (UHF)
Success Rate
69% Complete (success)
31% Complete (danger)
Observations 4443
Creation Date 2 years, 10 months ago
Client version 1.8.1
Online Last seen 0 minutes ago
Uptime 78 days, 9:51:12
VA2WBT - Montréal, Canada

STATION EQUIPMENT: Raspberry Pi 3B with RTL-SDR Blog V3 R860 RTL2832U dongle, 10m LMR-400-equivalent hi-flex coax feed line. Sometimes connected: RTL-SDR Blog Wideband LNA (Bias Tee Powered). High-pass passive LC filter between antenna and LNA; low-pass passive LC filter between feed line and SDR.

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